Various Clients

PT GNS Teknik is experienced in cooperating with various types of clients, with diverse requirements. We have handled clients from residences, office buildings, warehouses, malls, movie and theater industries, cosmetic industries, chemical, pharmaceutical to farming and plantation.

PT GNS Teknik offers competitive price by calculating quality factors, testing, neatness and reliability in installation methods, which make the installations to function well, strong and durable. It is in accordance with the company’s business strategy, namely to prioritize value in cooperating with clients.

Clients of PT GNS Teknik:

  • Blossom Residence
  • Euronusa Trandinghouse BV
  • Hotel Grand Pasundan
  • Nindya Aria Jo
  • Persek Strada
  • PT. Abbott Laboratories
  • PT. Alpharma Indonesia
  • PT. Bayer Indonesia
  • PT. Bintang Kreasi Aroma
  • PT. Boehringer lngelheim
  • PT. Dagsap Endura Eatore
  • PT. Dankos Laboratories
  • PT. Daya Mitra Perkasa
  • PT. Debindomulti Adhiswasti
  • PT. East West Seeds
  • PT. Elang Mahkoia Teknologi
  • PT. Essence Indonesia
  • PT. Firmenich Indonesia
  • PT. Hiba Utama
  • PT. Hutama Karya
  • PT. lndahgriya Mustikasakti
  • PT. lndesso Aroma
  • PT. Indesso Niagatama
  • PT. lndogravure
  • PT. Jutarasa Abadi
  • PT. Karya Cipta Mega Mandiri
  • PT. Karya lntertek Kencana
  • PT. Keith Harris Indonesia
  • PT. Kwinto Viratus
  • PT. Mahakarn Beta Farrna
  • PT. Mane Indonesia
  • PT. Medifarma Laboratories
  • PT. Mitra Pinasthika Mustika Finance
  • PT. Monde Mahkota Biskuit
  • PT. Mugi Laboratories
  • PT. Multi Bintang Indonesia
  • PT. Nindya Karya
  • PT. Nutricia Indonesia Sejahtera
  • PT. Nu Skin Indonesia
  • PT. Organon
  • PT. Parit Padang Global
  • PT. Protindo Ciptra Kreasi Lestari
  • PT. Saint Gobain Abrasives Diamas
  • PT. Soho lndustri Pharmasi
  • PT. Sugizindo
  • PT. Surya Citra Televisi
  • PT. Tata Letak Andrawina Nusantara
  • PT. Tatamulia Nusantara lndah
  • PT. Tempo Natural Product
  • PT. Tempo Scan Pacific
  • PT. Tunas Sumber ldeakreasi Kimia
  • PT. Usana Health Sciences Indonesia
  • PT. Unza Vitalis
  • PT. Victoria Care Indonesia
  • PT. Yasulor Indonesia
  • Rancamaya Residence
  • Sekolah Prancis
  • Setya Kurniawan
  • Showroom PT. Hibaindo
  • Top Supermarket
  • Yay. Prasetiya Mulya


If you are interested to cooperate with us, send your information on the cooperation and we will immediately contact you.


Integrated Services

We are working on almost all of project scales, starting from residences to warehouses, factories and office buildings.